About fraktals

Handmade in Aurora, ON, fraktals sources the highest quality ingredients for a mouth-watering taste experience. Notes of Canadian maple syrup are highlighted in fraktals’ spectacular buttercrunch core. fraktals' buttercrunch resides in between two layers of Belgian chocolate (both original milk chocolate and new 70% dark chocolate), finished with a sprinkle of raw cashews.
Production in small batches allows this artisanal treat to be handmade from the initial stirring of the buttercrunch to the finishing touch of a hand tied ribbon.

About Our Products

Milk Chocolate

Each piece of milk chocolate fraktal’s provides an unmatched taste experience. The velvety buttercrunch core, with notes of maple, is flanked between two layers of Belgian milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of raw cashew pieces. Made in small batches, this artisanal treat is handmade each step of the way, from the stirring of the buttercrunch to the hand-tying of each ribbon.

Dark Chocolate

fraktal’s is known for its unrivalled taste. For those who love dark chocolate and dark chocolate newbies alike, this formula is balanced without any of the bitterness of extra dark chocolate, delivering a spectacular taste. The velvety buttercrunch core with a hint of maple is flanked between two layers of Belgian
70% dark chocolate and then finished with a sprinkle of raw cashews.

Blanc Maple Syrup 


Cultivated from Blanc's maple grove in Notre-Dame-des-Bois, this 100% pure organic maple syrup meets the highest quality standards, is certified organic by Écocert Canada and meets all Canada Organic Regime specifications as well as USDA Organic specifications. 

Delicate yet rich in flavour, Blanc Maple Syrup is selected based on a strict set of criteria that deliver the unique flavour profile you find in all ourproducts. Blanc Maple Syrup is a key part to what makes fraktals' buttercrunch so irresistible.


Finest Belgian Chocolate

When it comes to sourcing chocolate for fraktal’s, we go right to the best. We use the highest quality Belgian chocolate for the best taste. You can rely on the delicious taste and quality of the finest Belgian milk and dark chocolate, as it remains constant – today, tomorrow and always!

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